MSG SeriesMSG Series CSG SeriesCSG Series Sealing bootsSealing boots U2197U2197 U2252U2252 Security capsSecurity caps Knobs-ABSKnobs-ABS
Model Features Drawing
CSG Series The CSG series is a new range of thermoplastic switch guards.
MSG Series The MSG series is specially dedicated to harsh environments.
Sealing boots Sealing boots prevent dust, sand and water from getting into switches.
U2197 Neoprene switch sealing boot, designed to be front panel mounted next to joysticks.
U2252 This boot features a soft feel for easy gripping.
Security caps Security caps prevent any inadvertent lever operation.
U Series Mounting hardware for switches : knurled and hex nuts, locking rings, lockwashers….
Knobs-ABS Control Knobs, molded ABS